Power System Analysis (SI units) Ed. 2

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This book is an adaptation of Power System Analysis and Elements of Power System Analysis written by Professor Emeritus John J. Grainger and the late Professor William D. Stevenson of North Carolina State University. The original contents have been revised with the inclusion of some new contents to keep up with the recent advances in electric power engineering. The revised work is intended to give the undergraduate or the first semester graduate students who study power systems and need a comprehensive and fundamental knowledge to understand the major topics commonly encountered in the present day. The book also gives its readers a sound understanding of the underlying principles of the basic elements of the modern power system including generation, transmission, operation, and control with practical examples for the analysis of real life problems.

ISBN: 9781526812742R365

Edition: 2

Publisher: McGraw Hill Higher Education

Format: eBook

AUK Course: ELEG 330

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