Palestine + 100 : Stories from a Century After

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THE FIRST ANTHOLOGY OF CONTEMPORARY SCIENCE FICTION FROM PALESTINE. 'It's necessary, of course. But above all it's bold, brilliant and inspiring: a sign of boundless imagination and fierce creation even in circumstances of oppression, denial, silencing and constriction. The voices of these writers demand to be heard - and their stories are defiantly entertaining.' - Bidisha Palestine + 100 poses a question to twelve Palestinian writers: what might your country look like in the year 2048 a century after the tragedies and trauma of what has come to be called the Nakba How might this event which, in 1948, saw the expulsion of over 700,000 Palestinian Arabs from their homes reach across a century of occupation, oppression, and political isolation, to shape the country and its people Will a lasting peace finally have been reached, or will future technology only amplify the suffering and mistreatment of Palestinians Covering a range of approaches from SF noir, to nightmarish dystopia, to high-tech farce these stories use the blank canvas of the future to reimagine the Palestinian experience today. Along the way, we encounter drone swarms, digital uprisings, time-bending VR, peace treaties that span parallel universes, and even a Palestinian superhero, in probably the first anthology of science fiction from Palestine ever. Translated from the Arabic by Raph Cormack, Mohamed Ghalaieny, Andrew Leber, Thoraya El-Rayyes, Yasmine Seale and Jonathan Wright. WINNER of a PEN Translates Award.

ISBN: 9781910974445

Publisher: Comma Press

Format: Print 

AUK Course: ENGL 355

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