Oedipus Tyrannos: A Norton Critical Edition

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“A brilliant new edition and translation! Wilson gives us an eminently contemporary version of Sophocles’ play, whose tonalities have one ear pitched to the stateliness of the ancient Greek and another to a terse English vernacular. With an introduction that condenses a long tradition of commentary into a highly readable form and a set of critical essays that captures the timelessness of Sophocles’ play, Wilson gives us an Oedipus Tyrannos that will be not only superb for use in the classroom but stimulating for a wide audience looking to become more familiar with one of the world’s masterpieces.” —Michelle Zerba, Louisiana State University

Emily Wilson’s superb translation of Sophocles’ best-known play, accompanied by her engaging introduction, translator’s note, and explanatory footnotes.

Comparative ancient sources that provide insight into the many different approaches to the Oedipus myth, inviting readers to see what is distinctive about Sophocles’ approach. These nine sources are followed by the final scene of Rita Dove’s modern verse tragedy, The Darker Face of the Earth, which follows closely the plot of Oedipus Tyrannos.

ISBN: 9780393655148

Publisher: Norton

Format: Print

AUK Course: ENGL 220

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