Microeconomics (VS - eBook) 3e

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The microeconomics text that moves students from understanding the basics of real economic principles to applying the powerful tools of economics analysis. You can’t really learn theory until you try to apply it. Like no other text for the intermediate microeconomics course, Goolsbee, Levitt, and Syverson’s Microeconomics bridges the gap between today’s theory and practice. A strong empirical dimension tests theory and successfully applies it. With carefully crafted features and vivid examples, Goolsbee, Levitt, and Syverson’s text helps answer two critical questions students ask, "Do people and firms really act as theory suggests" and "How can someone use microeconomics in a practical way?" The new edition of Microeconomics is now supported in Achieve Essentials, Macmillan’s new online learning platform. Achieve Essentials includes the relevant materials for your students in each course, whether that’s graphing problems for economics or simulations in biology or molecular drawing in chemistry or even animations in physics.

ISBN: 9781319325435

Edition: 3

Publisher: MacMillan

Format: Digital

AUK Course: ECON 310

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