Gente Hoy 1 Libro y Cuaderno digitales (12 meses) - Estudiante

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SKU: NP12215620785 Barcode: NP12215620785

This fully digital version of  Gente Hoy 1  is the ideal option for those who want to use digital technologies extensively, both in distance courses, hybrid ( blended ) or even in-person courses.

This is a 12-month access code to Campus Diversión with which the student can access:

  • to the digital book and notebook of  Gente Hoy 1 .

  • to all the resources of this manual (audios, videos, self-correcting exercises, digital itineraries, etc.)

  • to all communication, task assignment, evaluation and other functionalities of the platform.

ISBN: NP12215620785

Publisher: Difusion

Format: Digital

AUK Course: SPAN 101, SPAN 102, SPAN 201

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