Microelectronic Circuits 8e

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Microelectronic Circuits by Sedra and Smith has served generations of electrical and computer engineering students as the best and most widely-used text for this required course. Respected equally as a textbook and reference, "Sedra/Smith" combines a thorough presentation of fundamentals with an introduction to present-day IC technology. It remains the best text for helping students progress from circuit analysis to circuit design, developing design skills and insights that are essential to successful practice in the field. Significantly revised with the input of two new coauthors, slimmed down, and updated with the latest innovations, Microelectronic Circuits, Eighth Edition, remains the gold standard in providing the most comprehensive, flexible, accurate, and design-oriented treatment of electronic circuits available today.

ISBN: 9780190853501

Edition: 8

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Format: Print

AUK Course: ELEG 270

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