Introduction to Operations Research Ed. 11

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For over four decades, Introduction to Operations Research has been the classic text on operations research. While building on the classic strengths of the text, the author continues to find new ways to make the text current and relevant to students. One way is by incorporating a wealth of state-of-the art, user-friendly software and more coverage of business applications than ever before. When the first co-author received the prestigious Expository Writing Award from INFORMS for a recent edition, the award citation described the reasons for the book’s great success as follows: “Two features account for this success. First, the editions have been outstanding from students’ points of view due to excellent motivation, clear and intuitive explanations, good examples of professional practice, excellent organization of material, very useful supporting software, and appropriate but not excessive mathematics. Second, the editions have been attractive from instructors’ points of view because they repeatedly infuse state-of-the-art material with remarkable lucidity and plain language.

ISBN: 9781260579376

Edition: 11

Publisher: McGraw Hill HE

Format: Digital

AUK Course: STEG 330, STEG 331

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