Beowulf A Prose Translation: A Norton Critical Edition

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Accurate and literally faithful, the Donaldson translation conveys the full meaning and spirit of the original.

"Backgrounds and Contexts" provides readers with the historical, linguistic, and literary settings of Beowulf, including Robert C. Hughes on the origins of the Old English language, E. Talbot Donaldson's presentation of the major features of Old English poetry, new material on Beowulf's tribes and genealogies, three maps, and a facsimile illustration of the manuscript.

"Criticism" collects seven new and wide-ranging interpretations of Beowulf by Fred C. Robinson, Roberta Frank, John D. Niles, Michael Lapidge, Joyce Hill, Helen Bennett, and Nicholas Howe.

ISBN: 9780393974065

Publisher: Norton

Format: Print

AUK Course: ENGL 220

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